About us

Our online store specializes in spare parts for laptops; our range of accessories for laptops is one of the largest in Europe at the moment, with more than 10,000 different positions.

We ship parts worldwide. Europe, India, USA, Asia and other directions.

We take parts for the online store from our own analysis of laptops, as well as wholesale suppliers and manufacturers in China.

We adhere to international standards of service and customer interaction, taken from the standards and policies of delivery, return, warranty of such global sites as bay and amazon.

We also have accessories for older laptop models. Note that older laptop models are often discontinued, and parts for them are simply not available, and it is impossible to buy new ones. But disassembling laptops from our company can save you. Thus, we can provide you with a full palette of necessary spare parts for laptops of any manufacturers and years of production.

Today, spare parts for laptops in the online store are quite actively replenished, so we can always send even a wholesale batch of a product to any region. It should be noted the fact of free delivery of orders, which will please any buyer. Open the catalog, select the desired part and place your order. Soon you will be able to bring your laptop back to life