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Buy DVD drives for laptops at a bargain price

DVD drive has long been an integral part of laptops. Thanks to this mechanism, which is built into the device, the user of the device can read information previously recorded on CD, DVD R or DVD RW discs.

Properly selected drive will allow you to seamlessly not only read, use and transfer the information that is available on a portable media, but also to record it to disk.

Why is there a need to buy?

Many users simply cannot live without using a DVD drive, as most of their information is stored on discs. So, although at present these media are rapidly out of fashion, as such, there is no alternative to them yet.

The very need for the purchase can occur for a few simple reasons:

  1. The manufacturer of the laptop did not take care to install the drive into it and instead integrated the plug into the case.
  2. The old drive is somehow out of order, no longer attached to the body or running too slowly.

Drive settings

Do not neglect to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the drives, as they can significantly affect its further operation and performance. Thus, being inattentive, the user risks spending money on a device that will not satisfy him in the following parameters:

  • DVD drive interface, which is completely dependent on the connection method. The choice of the user is provided by several types of devices, which include SATA, SATA 2 – more modern solutions that are increasingly found both in the devices themselves, and on the shelves of stores, as well as the IDE – an older, but time-tested and stable working option;
  • speed of reading and writing information – a key factor in the speed of DVD-ROM, indirectly affects how quickly the user will be able to read/write information. There is a standard to which at least the device must comply: 24x for CD, 8x for DVD (read) and 5x to 24x recording;
  • dimensions of the device – it is important to consider when selecting a drive for a laptop, as for each case and model need the appropriate width and other parameters of the DVD ROM;
  • buffer size – parameter responsible for stable data flow when working with disks. It is a built-in memory drive. Most often varies from 0.5 to 1Mb.

DVD optical drives for laptops

On our website there is a huge selection of DVD-CD devices that are suitable for laptops from the most famous manufacturers of this equipment. They differ from each other by the previously considered characteristics, as well as the ability to connect to a particular device.

Due to the fact that the site provides a wide range of optical DVD drives for laptops, any user of this gadget can easily buy exactly the component that is right for him.