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Buy a front bezel for a laptop

The frame of the laptop screen is one of the components of the computer screen. Frames are designed not only to give the laptop a complete look and hide the display board, but also to protect the matrix from shocks.

On many frames there are rubber seals that guarantee the safety of the laptop screen even if the cover is not properly closed.

When it is necessary to buy a front bezel:

Like any part of the computer, the frame has a limited lifespan and can become unusable. In cases of frame breakage, you can contact the service center, but with the ease of replacing this part, you will always come across a high cost, both for the work of the master, and overpay for the purchase of the frame by the service center.

If you want to replace the frame yourself, you are advised to purchase it on our website. A large range of frames is designed for laptops with any screen diagonal size.

Monitor frame: major faults

Most often, the frame becomes faulty for further use due to careless use of the computer and due to mechanical damage.

The frame usually cracks when inaccurately taken off to replace the die. Or with various mechanical damage. The frame is fixed with screws, latches or double-sided tape.

Any type of attachment can eventually become defective due to mechanical damage or moisture ingress under the frame. If the frame is broken, it may run from the top cover of the case and gaps may form when opening and closing the top cover of the matrix.

What are the framework for a laptop

Depending on the material, the frame of the laptop display can be made of metal and plastic. As for the fastening, then, as mentioned above, the frame can be fixed with double-sided tape for metal frames on ultrabooks and standard frame fastenings with the help of latches and screws.

On our website you can see a high range of frames, which differ not only in size, material of manufacture and type of fixation, but also in color.