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Buy a cooling system for a laptop

To remove heat from the main components of the laptop (CPU, graphics card, North or South bridge) it is installed cooling system consisting of:

  • One or more copper heatsink
  • Copper heat-conducting tubes
  • Plate assemblies that are blown by air flow
  • Fan's 

The modern cooling system for a laptop is designed to remove a large amount of heat, as the components of high-performance models of mobile PCs can be quite hot.

It may lose its effectiveness due to contamination (in this case cleaning will help), due to a violation of the mechanical contact between the Plates and the heat pipes (the radiator will overheat, but the system will not be able to remove heat through the tubes to the cooled plates) and due to the failure of the fan itself.

If you are sure that the problem is only in the fan, it can be purchased from us separately, in other cases it is better to completely replace the system Assembly.

Choosing a HeatSink for laptops

To purchase a new Cooling system, you need to know the exact model of the laptop hp, asus, acer or the Part number which is engraved on it. It is also desirable at the time of the order to disassemble the laptop and have on hand a non-working copper tube for comparison with photos of the goods on the website.

To fix the laptop cooling to the motherboard, special screws with springs are used, which provide a tight clamping of the radiator to the chip. If in the process of disassembly of the fastener was damaged or lost, then buy new screws for it is also possible in our store.