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HeatSink only

Buy HeatSink for laptop

The HeatSink in the laptop is one of the components of the cooling system, which is as important as it is .  In combination with it and correctly chosen thermal paste, and radiators of cooling of the laptop, provide steadily-acceptable temperature of heating in the device.

This is done in order to take the heat from the processor and graphics card, which tend to heat up in accordance with the complexity of the loads that are placed on them.

Causes of heat pipe failure

Most often, the reasons for their failure in the laptop are the following factors:

  • during the cleaning of the cooling system or the replacement of thermal paste, the heat pipes of the laptop were incorrectly installed, in consequence of which there was a problem;
  • like any other component of the system called a laptop, the radiator also tends to wear out over time;
  • probably, during any active work with the computer it overheated, tubes didn't cope with the task assigned to them and failed;
  • during the analysis of the laptop they were damaged due to inexperience of the user.

How to check the radiator HeatSink

It should be the same temperature at both ends, heat one end with a lighter, hot air gun or any other way, and touch the other end it should become as hot as the one we warmed. Heating should occur instantly, since there is a vacuum, if one end is cold and the other warm, it means that the tube has lost its tightness and malfunction. They are not subject to repair

Most often, its cooling failure leads to the following: they break away from the radiator, crack, stop working correctly. Laptop with unstable cooling system does not Bode well.

How the heat Pipes are arranged.

They often consists of a pipe structure which includes a cavity, the capillary structure of the shell of metal and a thermal ribbon, which helps you to implement proper cooling,

Thanks to this heat exchange device in them, the GPU temperature of the graphics card and CPU in the device does not go beyond its designated boundaries and it interacts with the air and cooling fan, effectively removes heat from the important elements on the motherboard of the laptop

How to replace HeatSink in laptop

This process is not so complicated, as most often this laptop module is removable and does not require any special skills for its dismantling. However, it is obvious that in order to get to the cooling system itself, you will have to disassemble the laptop completely. This is not an easy task.

If you have not previously had to watch how the laptop is parsed your model or you do not disassemble it under the supervision of a specialist, it is best to contact the service center: they will help you to choose a cooling tube for your laptop in accordance with the model of your laptop, as well as install it.