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Laptop Front Screen Cover Case at a profitable price

The matrix is ​​a liquid crystal LCD-display of a laptop, protected by the upper component of the device body, which is called the “matrix cover”. Almost all manufacturers, it is fragile, receiving a considerable load from the user with the careless opening of the laptop. In everyday use, not uncommon are:

  • mechanical damage;
  • wear of body fasteners.

Although the display remains intact, without requiring replacement, using a laptop with a broken mount or lid is a risky exercise that increases the likelihood of the entire display failing in the future. For individual models, the manufacturer has an individual upper part of the laptop case.

Universal laptops are found due to the design, design in various notebook series, but some companies allow the release of similar parts in several models. For example, Sony produces identical covers for almost the entire VGN-FW series.

The main advantage of replacing the upper part of the laptop case where the matrix is ​​located is low cost. Official service centers deliberately offer customers installation complete with a display, which costs the owner much more expensive and is not advisable.

Consider the main characteristics of the front screen cover case:

  • manufacturer - a company, a company that released a laptop (Sony, Samsung, Acer);
  • model - a series, a number that allows you to accurately determine the type of laptop (for example, the VGN-FW44MR model from Sony);
  • color - aesthetically important if you want to install an identical part.

When choosing the main task of the user is to correctly determine the series and model of the laptop.

We offer a wide range of matrix covers for various laptops (Asus, Acer, hp, msi, and others). For convenience, we have provided more than 15 payment methods, fast delivery in Russia, a reliable guarantee of a refund in case of damage during the shipment of goods or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any questions and doubts in the selection of parts, you can always contact our managers who have the required knowledge and will be happy to help. Call us or make a request on the site.