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Motherboard laptop for parts under restoration

Any laptop is a complex digital technology, where every detail is responsible for its function. If you use the laptop carelessly, it may fail. Most often, the motherboard comes into disrepair as one of the key parts of such equipment.

But in most cases you do not need to spend a lot of money and buy its replacement, because you can almost always restore the performance of the Board in full.

This requires spare parts, but where to get them? In the catalog of our online store you can find a huge number of motherboards for spare parts or for restoration or as donors for your non-working components.

Large range of non-working motherboards

Using our spare parts parts you will be able to repair the laptop motherboard.

We offer a product:

  • no serious damage;
  • without visible traces of repair (especially its "inept" option);
  • at the lowest price for your repair.

Note that you can buy from us is not a working motherboard for recovery.

Most often, the symptom of non-working Mat boards is the output of a black screen without an image or it does not turn on, which may indicate problems in the power circuit of the motherboard

Most often, this part is out of order:

  • chipset. North, South bridge, video chip This module comes out of standing partially, but requires a full replacement;
  • connector for the processor or socket, which can burn out due to the banal instability in the power supply or poor battery;
  • as well as various chips in the power supply circuit Mat Board

Our donors for the laptop motherboard will go to the parsing very well, as we ask for a minimum price for them. We also guarantee that in addition to the main fault, all other components of the Board work 100%.

Is it worth restoring the motherboard?

Motherboard recovery is a technically complex issue that must be performed according to the instructions. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform it without special knowledge and skills, but you can always bring your non-working device and a donor purchased from us to a specialized center and pay for the service to restore the required components.

Buy our motherboard with a working chipset or socket and put them on your laptop — give a second life to your laptop.

We will be happy to help you find spare parts for the laptop motherboard from our "donors". Each product has a howling fault, which is specified in its description. Thus, you can select only those models where there are necessary modules in working condition.