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Buy motherboard for laptops

Laptop failure – a huge problem, especially associated with the failure of the motherboard. Decide whether to repair or need to buy a new fee +for a laptop is possible at home or to refer specialists to the service center.

Self-check allows only visual inspection of the Board, search for mechanical damage and cleaning of the cooling system, in case of serious malfunctions – you will need to use special equipment. If you need to replace the Board, the best solution to save - self-purchase.

Choosing a laptop motherboard

The laptop in its structure repeats the personal desktop computer, consists of the same components installed in a small case and optimized for minimal heat.

The choice of the Board is approximately the same criteria, taking into account the characteristics of the laptop, its case and model. Manufacturers to unify production can use one housing for several solutions with different performance. Working motherboard out on certain nuances:

  • Board sizes (mismatched in size the fee simply does not arise in the case).
  • Connectors (CPU socket, RAM slots, charging connector).
  • Outputs (video Outputs, audio outputs, USB and other ports).
  • Manufacturer (Lenovo, Toshiba, acer, hp, dell, etc.))

To find the right fee will help the official resources of the laptop manufacturer, possibly in English, you will need to look for motherboard laptop. The purchase of the system Board will extend the life of the laptop for many years, as well as provide an opportunity to replace the processor, expand the amount of RAM or choose a more productive graphics card.

In some cases, it is possible to install more modern generations of components. This operation is very different in price from buying a new device.

Search for the necessary motherboard is not difficult, the choice for each model of laptop is not great and can vary only by processor, graphics card performance and generation. Find the right basic. fee – perform half the work, then you need to find a store and buy.

Our online store offers an excellent selection of motherboards from laptops for popular manufacturers, at a great cost, namely: Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony, HP and many others. Payment in any convenient way and delivery throughout Russia will make the purchase as convenient as possible.