Offer Agreement

PUBLIC OFFER of the online store for individuals


1. Terms and definitions    

The terms used below should be interpreted in accordance with this section. In the absence of an appropriate term with the definition in this section, the terms are interpreted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.1.1. Seller - Individual Proprietor “ Ashakov Dmitry Alexandrovich 

1.1.2. Site - an Internet site available at : including subdomains

1.1.3. Visitor - a person viewing the Site without the purpose of registration and (or) Order;

1.1.4. User - a visitor to the Site who has completed the registration procedure on the Site and has accepted the conditions of the Offer;

1.1.5. Buyer - the user who placed the order;

1.1.6. Goods — goods and services presented in the catalog on the Site;

1.1.7. Order - a request formed on the Site by the Buyer for the purchase of Goods for personal, family, household and other needs not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity, containing the quantity, assortment and completeness of the Goods.

2. General provisions. Public offer subject

2.1. The seller offers to place an order on the conditions set forth below. The conditions are a public offer in accordance with Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”). The offer applies to all types of Goods, as long as the Product with a description is available on the Site.

3. Acceptance of the offer. Change of offer

3.1. The acceptance of the Offer (conclusion of a contract of retail sale and ( or) a contract for the provision of services) (hereinafter referred to as the “Contract”) occurs at the time of the Order (payment for the order) ,

3.2. The Agreement is considered concluded from the moment of providing the Buyer with a cash or sales receipt, or another document confirming the payment of the Goods.

3.3. The Buyer agrees that the Seller may entrust the execution of the Agreement to third parties, but the Seller is solely responsible for the execution of the Agreement. All rights and obligations to the Buyer under the Contract arise directly from the Seller.

3.4. The seller may at any time change the terms of the Offer unilaterally without prior notice. The new version of the Offer is valid from the moment of its publication on the Site.


4. Terms of the product. Ordering Procedure

4.1. To place an order, the Buyer adds the product “To Cart” on the Site, fills out the form (name, phone, e- mail , delivery address, delivery method) and clicks on the “Confirm Order” button. Next, he selects the page that goes to the payment for the order. After successful payment, the order is considered to be executed.

4.2. After placing an Order on the Site, an automatic email is sent to the Buyer at the email address provided by the Buyer when placing the Order.

4.3. If necessary, the Seller clarifies the details of the Order, agrees the date of delivery of the Order by e-mail and (or) phone. Delivery date depends on the availability of the Goods in the Seller’s warehouse and the time required for processing and delivery of the Order.

4.4. The expected date of delivery of the Order is communicated to the Buyer by e-mail or upon a control call to the Buyer. The date of transfer of the Goods may be unilaterally changed by the Seller in the event of unforeseen circumstances that occurred through no fault of the Seller.

4.5. The Buyer is responsible for providing incorrect information, resulting in the inability of the Seller to properly fulfill its obligations to the Buyer.

4.6. The photographs accompanying the Product are simple illustrations of the Product and may differ from the actual appearance of the Product. The descriptions and ( or) characteristics of the Goods do not claim to be exhaustive and may contain typos. To clarify information about the Goods, the Buyer may contact the Seller by means available on the Site.

4.7. The seller ensures the availability of the goods presented on the Site. If the Product is not available, it is not available on the Site and the "Add to Cart" button becomes inactive.

4.8. In the absence of the Goods ordered by the Buyer at the Seller’s warehouse, the latter has the right to exclude the Goods from the Order or cancel the Buyer's Order. In this case, the Seller shall notify the Buyer by e-mail to the address indicated by the Buyer at registration or by phone call.

4.9. In the event of cancellation of a fully or partially prepaid Order, the cost of the canceled Goods shall be returned to the Buyer in the manner by which the Goods were paid or otherwise convenient for both parties, if there is no technical possibility of a reverse payment.

5. The procedure for the delivery of goods. Territory of delivery of goods

5.1. The methods and estimated delivery times for the Goods sold by the Seller are indicated on the Site in the " Shipping section Specific delivery times may be further agreed upon by the parties upon confirmation of the Order.

5.2. The territory of delivery of the Goods presented on the Site is carried out in all countries   Where there is an opportunity at the moment to send the postal service “ Russian Post 

5.3. Shipping cost P is calculated automatically on the site. In many cases, delivery is free. Included in the price of the goods.

5.4. The goods are handed over to the Buyer or to a third party indicated in the Order as the recipient (hereinafter - the "Recipient"). If it is not possible to receive the Order paid in cash by the Recipient, the Order may be handed to third parties who provide information about the Order (number of dispatch and / or name of the Recipient),

5.5. In order to avoid cases of fraud, as well as to fulfill the obligations undertaken, upon delivery of the prepaid Order, the person delivering the Order has the right to request an identity document of the Recipient, as well as indicate the type and number of the document provided by the Recipient on the receipt for the Order. The seller guarantees the confidentiality and protection of the personal data of the Recipient.

5.6. The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the Goods passes to the Buyer from the moment of transfer of the Order to him and the Recipient of the Order affixes a signature in the documents confirming the delivery of the Order. In case of non-delivery of the Order, the Seller shall reimburse the Buyer for the cost of the Order prepaid by the Buyer and delivery in full after receipt of confirmation of the loss of the Order from the delivery service.

5.7. The obligation of the Seller to transfer the Goods to the Buyer is considered fulfilled at the time of delivery of the Goods to the Recipient

5.8. When accepting the Goods from the courier, the Recipient must inspect the Goods and check for compliance with the Order, check the service life of the Goods, the integrity of the package. In the absence of claims to the delivered Goods, the Recipient signs in the “Order Delivery Form” or other similar document provided by the courier

The signature in the accompanying documents indicates that there are no claims to the Goods, the Seller has fully and properly fulfilled its obligation to transfer the Goods.

5.9 You can specify the date, time and, if necessary, the delivery route, you can contact the Seller.

5.10 Delivery is a separate service that is not an integral part of the Goods, the execution of which ends when the Recipient receives the Goods. 

5.11 Claims to the quality of the purchased Goods arising after receipt and payment of the Goods are considered in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.

6. Payment for goods

6.1. The price of the Goods indicated on the Website may be indicated in rubles, dollars, euros or other currencies, but payment is made in Russian rubles by the conversion method .

6.2. If the price of the Goods is incorrectly indicated on the Site, the Seller informs the Buyer about this to confirm the Order at the corrected price or cancel the Order. If it is impossible to contact the Buyer, this Order is considered canceled. If the paid Order has been canceled, the Seller will return the paid amount to the Buyer in the same manner in which it was paid.

6.3. The price of the Goods on the Site may be changed by the Seller unilaterally. At the same time, the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer is not subject to change.

7. Features of payment using bank cards:

7.1. In accordance with the regulation of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation “On the issue of bank cards and on transactions performed using payment cards” dated December 24, 2004, No. 266-P, bank card operations are performed by the cardholder or an authorized person.

7.2. Bank card transactions are authorized by the bank. If the bank has reason to believe that the operation is fraudulent, then the bank has the right to refuse to carry out this operation.

7.3. In order to avoid the unlawful use of bank cards when paying for the Goods, the Seller checks Orders prepaid by credit card. In order to verify the identity of the owner and his eligibility to use the card, the Seller has the right to require the Buyer to present an identity document.

7.4. The seller has the right to provide discounts on the Goods and establish a bonus program. The types of discounts, bonuses, the procedure and conditions for accrual are determined by the Seller and are indicated on the Site.

8. Return of goods

8.1. Return of the goods is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.2 Return of goods is possible after 14 days after receipt of goods

8.3 If the goods of good quality and fits the description, then the buyer pays for shipping both ways.

8.4 Refund occurs after the seller receives the goods within 3-7 business days

9. Responsibility

9.1. The Seller is not liable for damage caused to the Buyer due to improper use of the Goods purchased on the Site.

10. Confidentiality and protection of personal data

10.1. The seller processes personal data in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”. 

10.2. Details on what information the Seller collects, on the processing procedure, the procedure for protecting information by the Seller are detailed in the policy regarding the processing of personal data (Privacy Policy). 

10.3. The privacy policy is placed in unlimited access in the footer of the Site and is available on the Site at:

10.4. By making the acceptance of the Offer in the manner specified in Section 3 of the Offer and in accordance with Article 15 of the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 N 152-ФЗ “On Personal Data”, the Buyer gives his consent to the processing of personal data in order to promote goods, works, services on the market through the implementation of direct contact with the potential consumer via cFe dstv communication ides. The acceptance of the Offer is a confirmation of the fact that the Seller has received consent.

10.5. The seller is not responsible for the information provided by the User on the Site in a public form.

10.6. In order to improve the quality of service, the Seller can record telephone conversations. The seller prevents attempts of unauthorized access to information obtained during telephone conversations, and does not transfer such information to third parties not directly related to the seller.

11. Final Provisions

11.1 The site and the services provided may be temporarily (partially or completely) unavailable due to preventive or other work, or for any other technical reasons.

11.2 In case of questions and complaints, you must contact the Seller by phone or in any other affordable way. All disputes arising are resolved through negotiations, and if an agreement is not reached, the dispute is considered in court in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.3 The recognition by the court of the invalidity of any provision of the Offer does not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.

12. Details of the seller

12.1. Name Individual Proprietor “ Ashakov Dmitry Alexandrovich 

12.2. Address: Russia city Samsra street Pariznskaya 19 Oficce  225

12.3. INN: 631505562707

12.4. R/ S: 40802810002380000056

12.5. Bank: FL Privolzhsky PJSC BANK "OTKRITIE FC"

12.6.  K/S 30101810300000000881

12.7. BIC: 042282881