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Internal WiFi antennas for Laptops

Wireless network adapter or Wi-Fi module has long been among the mandatory components of a modern laptop. No model of portable PC is complete without a device that supports data exchange via wireless networks.

The module itself is usually a small printed circuit Board with a standard connector for installation in a special slot, and in a particularly compact portable PC wi-fi adapter can be soldered directly to the motherboard. To receive and transmit a radio signal with data to the module must be connected to the antenna Wi-Fi, which is located inside the laptop.

Structurally, the laptop's internal wifi antenna is a specially designed module that is placed in the top cover of the laptop, next to the screen and connected to the Wi-Fi adapter by wires that end with standard connectors.

Depending on the type of wireless adapter, supported Wi-Fi standards, and data rates, the number of antennas can vary from one to three.

Replacement of Wi-Fi antenna in laptop

The main reason for the failure of the internal Wi-Fi antenna is its physical damage due to the following reasons:

  • sloppy disassembly of the laptop for cleaning or repair
  • damage to the top cover of the laptop in which the antenna is located
  • rubbing the wire at the junction of the cover and the case of a portable PC

All these damages lead to the need to replace the antenna that has lost its efficiency. To carry out the replacement will require a complete disassembly of the laptop, so if you do not have sufficient experience in this area, it is better to entrust the work of a qualified specialist. In this case, you only need to buy a wifi antenna for a laptop of a certain model.

The length of the connecting wires and the shape of the antenna is designed based on the size of the laptop case, the diagonal of the display, the method of wiring in a laptop PC. In practice, this means that replacing the laptop's wifi antenna requires careful selection of a similar or compatible model.

If the purchase of an antenna designed for a particular model of portable device is not possible, the selection should be carried out by the number of connecting wires (number of antennas), the length of wires, the physical size of the module, which will be placed near the matrix of the screen.